Mark Eliyahu:

Ethnic-Electro Sensation & Charismatic Live Performer

Composer, arranger, producer

Kamanche and Baglama master virtuoso.


  • Born to a well-known family of musicians in Dagastan. His father, Piris Eliyahu, is a world renowned Tar master, composer and arranger and musicologist. Mark’s household was always full of dance and music. 
  • At the age of 4 Mark began violin studies and at 16 travelled to Greece to study Baglama and Greek-Turkish music with master Ross Daly followed by 2 years in Azerbaijan of Kamanche and Persian-Azeric music studies with master Adalat Vazirov.
  • In 1999 Mark launched his solo career performing first alongside his father Piris and world famous vocalist Alim Qasimov.
  • 2000: Mark founded his ensemble.
  • 2001: The Mark Eliyahu ensemble started extensive global touring to raving reviews continuing until this very date with performances at the Pompidou Center, City De-La Music, Zorolu PSM and festivals like Colors Of Ostrova , Paris Jazz, Helsinki festival, Gibraltar World, Israel Festival, Ankara World, Jerusalem season of culture and many many others. 
  • 2002: Composing for dance including winning first prize at the Global Dance Festival with “For Heaven Sake” for the contemporary dance company “Galili Dance”. 
  • 2002-3: Compositions, arrangements, and various projects for Fabrica Musica (United Colors of Benetton), Italy.
  • 2003: Joint venture with renowned composer Andrea Molino, worldwide touring including the Nobel Prize Ceremony.
  • 2004: First solo album – ” Voices of Judea”. Extensive global touring with his ensemble supporting album release.
  • 2005: Music for the theater play – “Simple Prayers”. 
  • 2006-2010: Extensive composing and arranging projects with international stars: Idan Richel, Rita, and Ishtar.
  • 2007: The Mark Eliyahu Ensemble continues global touring and collaborations
  • 2011: Winner – Ophir 1st Prize (Israeli film academy awards) – for the movie Balada La’Aviv Habouhe (A Ballad for Weeping Spring
  • 2013: Winner – ACUM (Israeli Publishers association) 1st composer prize.
  • 2013: 2nd solo album release – “Sands” (reached Gold album status – 10k CD sales) . Extensive global album support touring.
  • 2015: Founder of the Makam Ensemble with renowned masters from Turkey, Palestine, Azerbaijan, India – debating at the Jerusalem Season of Culture.
  • 2016-2017: Global reach and awareness – Millions of global views on YouTube and Facebook with massive sustainable engagement.
  • 2016: 8 Sold out concerts in Turkey (3k average attendance).
  • 2016: “Roads” – 3rd solo album release to wide global acclaim.