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1. 01 - Caravan
Mark and Piris Eliyahu  

In this album the Kamanche master player and the composer- Mark Eliyahu joins his father – Piris Eliyahu, composer & Tar player and together they preform new music in addition to chosen pieces from soundtrack of “Ballad to the weeping spring” (with the singers Eishtar and Rinat bar) for which he has won the Jerusalem and Offir awards.

The music in the album is based on ancient musical roots from the area of central Asia,Persia and the Middle East, in combination with Western Harmony and modality. This preserves the emotional quality this music is blessed with yet makes it accessible and inviting in  fashion that is both culture, time and border crossing.

The album is performed by the “Mark Eliyahu Ensamble” which exists for over 10 years and engulfs the listener with an experience that is full of emotional and musical qualities that characterize Mark’s music.


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