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Mark Eliyahu is a different kind of musician. Son of musician and composer Piris Eliyahu, Mark was raised in a musical house, where music was everything: work, passion, learning, and livelihood. Mark grew up breathing music as a way of life, and already at the young age of sixteen turned his back on the typical adolescent lifestyle, and started his musical journeys around the world, seeking encounters with various masters. Mark’s mastery of his kemenche, which was built 150 years ago, is widely renowned. The unique sound of this fascinating instrument is carried far and wide, and for years Mark has been invited to perform with it on numerous distinguished stages around the world, including international festivals and the Nobel Prize ceremony.

His previous album Sands has attained a gold album rating, and some of the album’s tracks reached millions of views on YouTube, which exposed new audiences around the world to Mark’s music. In his recent third album Roads, Mark teams up with various musicians, who accompanied him on his musical journeys and collaborated with him on various musical encounters.

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